Dans la série des sites de catalographie et de partage de listes de livres, voici Reader². Création de listes de lecture, regroupement par catégories, folksonomy et tutti-quanti :
“This site allows you to
-Keep list of books you read and/or recommend
-Find new books to read in the categories of your interest
-Export your latest read books or recommended books to your site or blog
-Track after your friends reading lists
After you sign up you can add books to your unique list. You can view anyone else’s books and they can view yours. Extra user-defined data can be added to each book entry to organize and describe the book further such as descriptions, links, and tags. You can use tags to categorize (and thus organize) books so that you and others using this site will have an easier time finding new and interesting books to read.
RSS feeds are available at almost every page which allows you to track new books using your news aggregator.”

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