Transcription d'une discussion entre Paul Krugman et Charles Stross au WorldCon 2009

Une transcription d’une discussion entre Paul Krugman (qui travaille pour le NYT) et Charles Stross lors du WorldCon de Montréal (d’après leurs Twitter, pas mal de bibliothécaires montréalais y étaient). A épingler, la citation suivante :

“As for the intellectual property, I try not to get too worked up about it. There’s a lot of people angsting about piracy and copying of stuff on the Internet, publishers who are very, very worried about the whole idea of ebook piracy. I like to get a little bit of perspective on it by remembering that back before the Internet came along, we had a very special term for the people who buy a single copy of a book and then allow all their friends to read it for free. We called them librarians.”