Geoff Cordner

Les photographies de Geoff Cordner :

These are personal photos.
I took them because I wanted to.
They are photos from my life, arranged chronologically.
Each represented something important to me at the time,
and still important to me now.
They are, probably, a catalog of desire
although what exactly is being desired is not always obvious,
not even to me.
The best way to view these photos is to start at the beginning and work your way through because each photo is somehow related to the next and together, in order, they probably tell a story.
Viewing these photos at random using the thumbnail galleries works, too. You’ll still find plenty of cute punk girls with tattoos, dark little fetish photos, isolated erotic moments and all the rest, but any sense of narrative is lost.
If you think your own life isn’t full of photos like these,
you probably just haven’t been paying enough attention.

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